now downgrade 3G Baseband from 02.30.03
四月 16, 2009, 1:39 上午
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You can now downgrade 3G Baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00

Posted: 14 Apr 2009 10:26 PM PDT

There seems to be some good news for 3G users who had upgraded their ’s firmware to 2.2.1 sometime back and then couldnt unlock it back. The problem with 2.2.1 upgrade was that the baseband also got upgraded from 02.28.00 to 02.30.03 and with this baseband upgrade, 3G couldnt be used with any other SIM other than AT&T in US or Airtel/Vodafone in India.

Here is the good news – ModMyi is reporting that a tool called pHaseBanDowngrader has just been released allows 3G users to downgrade baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00.

But this is not for Dummies, you got ot be a techie to downgrade your baseband. Here is how to downgrade:

  1. Download pHaseBanDowngrader from this address
  2. Connect via SSH to your
  3. Copy the downloaded folder (phasebandowngrader) into the folder “/Applications” on your .
    Note: The folder MUST named phasebandowngrader with lowercase letters!
  4. To run it, open MobileTerminal and type “login”. The user is “root” and password is “alpine” by default.
  5. Then type: “cd / Applications/phasebandowngrader/”, then, to run the downgrader, type “./phasebandowngrader”

NOTE OF CAUTION: This tool has been tested by multiple people and WILL NOT brick your device. if you have bootloader version 5.9 it will not work. you can try but it will not work (still no risk of brick). Use at our own risk, but there is really no risk of doing any damage to your device unless you do something absurd.


How to create a Free US iTunes Account from any Country without an US Credit Card
四月 6, 2009, 2:10 上午
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    1. Open your application and visit the Store.
    2. Make sure you are in the United States Store (scroll down the Stores page and select US)
      us store Cannot Find Popular Apps in Indian/Canadian iTunes Store? Open an US iTunes Account and Get Access to All Apps on AppStore
    3. Click the App Store link under ‘ Store tab’ (scroll back up and look for App Store link in the left navigation).
    4. Select one Free App from the list of ”Top Free Apps’ (bottom right navigation).
    5. Click on the Get App button next to the price in the detail view.
    6. The next window is the login popup with the option to create a new account.
      login window 250x173 Cannot Find Popular Apps in Indian/Canadian iTunes Store? Open an US iTunes Account and Get Access to All Apps on AppStore...click to enlarge
    7. Click on Create New Account ink button and hit Continue button in the next window. Accept the license agreement and click Continue again.
    8. Now fill out basic account details, like the email, username and password of that account and click on Continue again.
    9. Once this is done, the next screen with the payment information and address will appear. Select None as the payment and fill out the address information using a address in the United States. (For the address, run a search in Google for hotels, e.g: California hotels, Florida hotels and use the address of the hotel as the address).
      payment none 249x178 Cannot Find Popular Apps in Indian/Canadian iTunes Store? Open an US iTunes Account and Get Access to All Apps on AppStore...click to enlarge
    10. Verify your email account.
    11. You are done. Start using US stores.

    Note: you can use both of your Indian/Canadian account and the US account. There is no restriction. Everytime you want to use US account, open and click on SIGN IN / Email Address on the top right corner of and re-enter your other account detail. Thanks to ghacks for helping me create this post.

    from iPhoneIndiaBlog.com

    [UPDATED & FIXED]iPhone HowTo: Skype calls over 3G [jailbreak]
    四月 2, 2009, 1:30 上午
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    [UPDATE April 1 via BigBoss): To All: “Saurik just released mobilesubstrate 0.9.2805-1. This version fixes the problem entirely allowing for mobilesubstrate addons to work with Skype app. You can now use Skype app with VoIPover3G!"

    [UPDATE, Read carefully]
    “To fix the Skype crash, all mobilesubstrate based hacks are disabled on the Skype app. This means you cannot use voipover3g or backgrounder with Skype app. Do not ask how to do it or point out that it doesnt work. The developer of mobile substrate has already stated that it will not work."
    more info