Growl for iphone
十一月 1, 2009, 9:53 上午
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growl for iphone

GriP vs. Traditional Notification Methods

There are currently 2 methods to announce a piece of information to you on the iPhone – either to show an alert box (e.g. the 3.0 Push Notification), or just play a sound (e.g. receiving new emails) or vibration. However, alert box is a very rude way to notify something trivial, as an alert box will steal your focus and disrupt your work flow. On the other hand, playing a sound is too hideous, as there are many places you don’t want to turn on sound, and iPod Touches don’t have a vibration unit.

GriP tries to strike a balance between being unobstructive while still being able to give out clear information. With GriP, messages are (by default) shown as small floating windows in a corner, which will automatically disappear if you ignore it. In this way, you can still continue your process without missing anything.

However, you should not completely replace every alert box with GriP messages. Because GriP messages favor to be ignored by users, they should not be used for critical decision making (e.g. saving a file while quitting).


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