FixThis: BlackRa1n stuck at the “Running…” Screen? [UPDATE]
十月 14, 2009, 1:47 上午
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Post on  24 Dec 09

3.1.2 3Gs  week 50 on Blackra1n RC3


Posted: 12 Oct 2009 10:03 PM PDT

Been getting quite a few mails from iPhone users who are trying to 3.1.2 firmware using . Users are getting stuck on “running…” stage and iPhone would stay in the Recovery Mode. If you are facing this issue, dont worry try this:

  1. Unplug your iPhone from your computer.
  2. Restart your iPhone by holding Power and Home buttons for over 10-12 seconds
  3. Make sure that the .exe is running from your C:/ (Copy and Paste it onto C: root)
  4. Check Task Manager for any iTunes processes running close them all (Ctr+Alt+Delete and run taskmgr.exe)
  5. Right Click .exe and under Properties change to “Run in Compatibility Mode” and choose Windows XP. Then Run .exe as Administrator.

Make sure that when you are running , non of iTunes processes are active. iTunes shouldnt launch, if that happens wont work.


UPDATE: Found this important troubleshooting tip at CydiaUpdate.

Step 0. Ensure that within iTunes you have unchecked “Sync Automatically” and under Edit -> Preferences, Devices, choose Prevent iTunes from syncing with Devices Automatically.

1. Ensure that your iPhone is on. You can see your Springboard. Plug your iPhone into your computer and ensure that iTunes recognizes it and preform a sync/backup/update.

2. Once you have completed this, close iTunes completely. Press the start button and choose Run. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and check your task manager to ensure that any iTunes processes are closed, such as iPodService.exe, iTunesHelper.exe, etc. These must be turned off.

3. Ensure that your copy of .exe is located in C:\.exe.

4. Right click .exe. If running Windows 7 choose properties, and then compatibility. Choose to run in Windows XP SP3 Mode.

5. Right Click .exe and choose Run As. Chose the Administrator account and enter in the password.

6. Once .exe is running, click Make it Ra1n.

7. You should see your iPhone automatically reboot and show a usb cable and iTunes, your typical restore/dfu screen.

8. You should see .exe change to Running.. and GeoHotz face will appear on your iPhone. It will automatically reboot when done and that is when you should see the “Jailbreaking complete” dialog that likes to appear when you manually restart after no response.

I hope this helps a bit more. If I missed something I will try and squeeze it in right away.

Here is a video put together from David @ iPhoneDesignz. Glad my steps could help :p

[via – CydiaUpdate]

UPDATE 2: If none of the above steps work, Try this (Someone name J0sh did it this way)

Success finally!

This is what I did for iphone 3g, win7. Put in c://

kill ituneshelper.exe

leave everything else as is. Turn off your phone. run as admin, nothing else. Click make it rain. Then hold down both the power and home keys. When you see the apple logo release the power key, keep holding home till you see geo’s face. Let it do its thing.

I’m not sure if this actually fixed anything, or if anyone else’s voodoo is doing something or if occasionally it just works and then people post what they did and everyone thinks its a clue.

Just another method for you to try, its what worked for me after trying 20+ different things and multiple attempts at each.

Good luck, I think that and persistence are the key things needed to make this work.

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