Use iTunes for converting music mp4 > AAC > m4r
五月 9, 2009, 5:04 下午
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How to use iTunes for converting music formats:


  1. Open iTunes, select Edit then Preferences and click on the General tab. Now click the button that says Import Settings.
  2. Change the Import using drop down menu to AAC encoder. Select the bit rate you fancy, have it as high as the highest bitrate MP3 file you want to convert so you a losing as little quality as possible. Hit OK and close the preferences menus.
  3. Then in your iTunes Library window select the tracks you want to convert to AAC, an easy way to do this is to press Apple+A or Control+A on your keyboard to select all. If you need to sort then right click the iTunes Kind column header to sort by type.
  4. When you have them selected right click on one of the files and choose Convert Selection to AAC and, well, that’s it. Ta Da.

This won’t delete your MP3 files, you will get AAC files alongside your existing MP3 files. Later, if you are happy, you can delete your MP3 files and save some diskspace.

If you want to remove all your MP3s after converting to AAC:

Firstly make sure you really want to do this, it will save space on your hard disk but personally I would reccomend that you burn all your MP3s to CD/DVD before deleting them.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Select Library
  3. Right click on a column name (Bit Rate or Name for example)
  4. Make sure Kind is ticked as this shows you the file types
  5. Click on the Kind column title to sort the file types
  6. Left click your first MP3, hold down shift, left click the last MP3 in the list
  7. Press delete

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