Touch Physics Gamez
一月 4, 2009, 3:12 上午
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Touch Physics Gamez 4 Touch Category: Games Price: $0.99 Released: Nov 09, 2008 Size: 6.6 MB Seller: Mark D Simpson Added to Appulo.us: Nov 14, 2008 Latest version: 1.0.0
Application description Limited Time Introductory Price!

Are you up to the challenge? Can you take on the laws of physics to complete all 30 levels? Touch Physics is an innovative game that allows you to be in control of the wheel’s destiny. Change the laws of physics to suit your game play!

You draw shapes with a crayon that come to life on your iPhone / iPod Touch. You use these shapes to interact with the wheel, causing it to move according to physical laws. When it reaches the star, the level is complete.

Beware, this is not as simple as it sounds! Levels progress in difficulty, do you dare to compete? Addictive fun and fury all in one package.

A video of Touch Physics in action can be seen at: http://www.gamez4touch.com/


– Simple and intuitive control
– Real physics modeling
– Realistic crayon drawing
– 2 invisible levels
– Alter gravity, friction and elasticity
– Automatic save and resume
– Shake to reset
– Relaxing music
– Choose your own music



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