Easiest way to Add Ringtones to iPhone
十二月 27, 2008, 4:24 上午
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This is the easiest way to add FREE to your iPhone. Let me also mention at this point that its perfectly normal to add any ‘.m4r’ formatted ringtone to iPhone. You will not lose your warranty nor you would be asked to jailbreak your iPhone. Its fully legal to download and add it to iTunes ringtone folder and then sync it!!!

Coming to the Easiest Way to find and install iPhone :

  1. Go to audiko.net/ringtone/en.html
  2. Click on the ringtone you like and download the iPhone version ringtone
  3. Start iTunes > drag and drop that ringtone into the ‘Ringtone’ folder
  4. Sync your iPhone.
  5. You are done

You can also create your own . To do that go to audiko.net/en.html and register > Upload your music > select your fav part of the track > download that part as a ringtone.

Thats it!!! )


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