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十一月 14, 2008, 1:05 上午
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(1) When you receive a new MMS, then you will get a SMS alert with URL and Retrieval code.

(2) Click the URL and input the related Retrieval code, and then click the “sign in" button.

(3) ou should be able to see the unread MMS messages list with ‘From’, ‘Date’ & ‘Title’ information displayed.

(4) Click one of the subject, then you can browse the selected MMS. Also, you can select any other MMS from the same page.

Other Smart Tips

Setting the email account

POP3 or SMTP Settings > Mail / Contacts / Calendars > Accounts > Add Account… > Choose the email account provider

Input Name、Address [email address] & password
Input POP3 & SMTP Server

Microsoft Exchange Settings > Mail / Contacts / Calendars > Accounts > Add Account… > Choose Microsoft Exchange

Input email, Domain, Username, & password

3gmail Settings > Mail / Contacts / Calendars > Accounts > Add Account… > Choose Other

Input Name, email address* & password

Set the POP server to “pop3.3gmail.com.hk"

Set the outgoing server to “smtp.3gmail.com.hk"*The email must be “mobile no@3gmail.com.hk"

HGC Broadband Settings > Mail / Contacts / Calendars > Accounts > Add Account… > Choose Other

Input Name, email address & password

Set the POP server to “pop.hgcbroadband.com"

Set the outgoing server to “mail02.hgcbroadband.com"

Add Planet3 Shortcut

At iPhone Home Screen adding the “Planet 3″ icon:
(1) Open Safari, input “mobile.three.com.hk" & click「+」

(2) Click「Add to Home Screen」after a few seconds, the 3.0 icon appear, click「add」

(3) The Planet3 icon will be added to Home Screen automatically.

Notices of using Wi-Fi

iPhone can be online through Wi-Fi or 3G/GPRS, if both networks are available, iPhone will be preferred Wi-Fi connection, when iPhone connecting to Wi-Fi network, the status bar will show the Wi-Fi icon, if no Wi-Fi network, it then will show the 3G/GPRS icon. If there has Wi-Fi network, the only way to use 3G/GPRS network is to turn off the Wi-Fi of your iPhone.

Settings「Fetch New Data」

When iPhone at the standby mode,handset will base on the「Fetch New Data」Setting to update the data automatically: Example, the weather, stocks, email, etc.& it will count the data charges, if want to extend the battery power, please turn off the fetch new data function.

Settings > Fetch New Data > Push > Off
Settings > Fetch New Data > Fetch > Manually

Data Roaming

At Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming ,Turn data roaming off when abroad to avoid substantial roaming charges when using email, web browsing, and other data services.

Applications at App Stores
(1) Open ‘iTunes’ at the computer
(2) Connect the iPhone & computer by USB
(3) Choose iTunes Store& input Apple ID
(4) Choose an application for download
(5) Click [Buy] after confirmation
(6) After download,the application will be shown at the ‘Application’ column, & press ‘Synchronize’ to download the application into iPhone

– If choosing a chargeable application,a notification will be prompted at iTunes to inform customer that the fee will be charged to his Apple ID’s register credit card
– Recommend customer to purchase application from computer’s iTunes, and then synchronize to the iPhone. If purchase and download from iPhone’s App Store, download data usage fees will be charged
– To download the application over the size of 10MB, please through computer’s iTunes or iPhone with WiFi to download.

Copy SIM Phone Book to iPhone

Choose「Mail / Contacts / Calendars」
Choose 「Import SIM Contacts」

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