iPhone Slower Than Before?
十一月 11, 2008, 1:31 上午
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What To Avoid:
This list is just my opinion. I’m not saying that these apps are dangerous or that the programmers aren’t great. In fact, some of these apps are written by Skrew, who is a very well respected developer. Also, it may be ok wth you if there is a penalty in performance for using some of these elements. Some of them are pretty cool and you may want to run them anyway. That’s fine so long as you do so with the understanding of what the price is that you pay. Anyways, here is my current “avoid” list:

1) Intelliscreen – I recommend avoiding this because I believe it drains battery more than without it. But more importantly, it hooks springboard but does so *directly* bypassing the safety of mobile substrate. This can cause system wide instability. The “performance boost” mode is konwn to cause instability and incompatibility with other apps. In general, I suggest not installing this app. Update: as of the last version I have tested, intelliscreen bypasses mobile substrate and hooks itself. This bypasses mobile substrate “safe mode” and should never be done. I would definitely hold off on this until it is a mobile substrate plugin.

2) Kate – The also hooks springboard without the safety of mobile substrate. Many mobile substrate issues are solved by simply uninstalling Kate. Kate is cool, but I prefer the power of Winterboard over Facelift.

3) Video Wallpaper – This is a battery drainer. It uses CPU to play the video wallpaper. It also uses Skrew Common. Skrew common now uses mobile substrate (great!) but the plugin is huge. It’s 1.2mb for the dylib. The same functionality can be provided by Winterboard. I would not suggest running both together.

4) Winterboard Video Wallpaper themes – WInterboard is great. I am not suggesting to avoid Winterboard. But any themes that contain video content should not be used.

5) Winterboard Themes with changing backgrounds – These themes are pretty neat. But they come at a cost. The theme requires springboard to be running javascript in a timer loop that runs every 15 seconds or however often the paper changes. This will suck more battery power than normal. Also, depending on how the theme is written, it may utilize a lot of memory if all the images are cached into RAM. The most efficient theme that changes background is “Saurik” that comes with Winterboard. Also, the BigBoss Fantasy Packs have been heavily optimized to only load 10 images at once (lower memory usage), and fade using webkit which is easier on the CPU because it’s hardware accelerated on the iPhone. Still, even these can use more battery than without. (I personally do run fantasy pack #2).

6) Backgrounder – Backgrounder is very useful and if you use it properly, you will have no problem. It lets you background many apps. But know what you are backgrounding. When an app is backgrounded, it is using CPU, Battery, and memory. It is just like a daemon only worse because it probably uses even more memory. Backgrounder, itself, is safe because when nothing is backgrounded, there is almost no extra overhead incurred. In other words, just having backgrounder installed isn’t much of a concern so long as you use it sparingly and know what you’re getting into when you do use it.

7) Categories – Installing categories is safe. However, make sure you are aware that enabling “background mode” on a folder uses up about 5mb of memory per folder you background. You should only background what you need to. I would recommend keeping your backgrounded folder count to 1 or 0. (Better to leave it to 0 and use Quickgold to launch most apps).

Other thoughts:
There are some apps that run all the time straight from Apple. They are: mobile safari, mobile mail, phone, and some other things. Of these apps, safari is the most alarming. It does not need to stay running and one way to free up some unused memory is to kill it. I plan to incorporate this concept into SBSettings.

In addition, some apps just take a long time to load on 2.x and I don’t believe any tricks in this post will help. They are SMS, Maps, and Settings. Notes also seems to take a while to load, but it “tricks” you by showing you the last note you were reading so it looks fast but you cannot type for a few seconds.

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