First Spreadsheet App hits AppStore
十月 1, 2008, 12:31 上午
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Spreadsheet is going to be called the first spreadsheet app that would have hit AppStore. Softalk is the company behind this app [App Store]. This app costs $7.99. Here is what the development company behind this app have to say:

spreadsheet-appstore-163x300 First Spreadsheet App hits AppStore

Spreadsheet provides a scrollable zoomable view, along with cell formatting features and a host of standard spreadsheet functions.


  • Multiple cell types, including Numeric, Date, Time, Currency, Percentage and Text
  • Cell formatting options, including bold, italic, text and background color, cell sizes and alignments.
  • Copy/cut/paste operations.
  • A range of functions, including date/time, math, statistical, string and trigonometric functions.
  • Export (via email) to external spreadsheet applications.

Price – $7.99


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