iSilo – A simple way to upload magazines, etc to your iPhone!
九月 21, 2008, 3:44 下午
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2008年08月29日 星期五

Method 1

Copy all of folder or data on iphone folder of below:

Method 2

1. download this http server
2. execute it and here is a screenshot:

3. drag your pdb file to the “Virtual File System" area:

4. open iSilo and press the “…" button then “Download" under “File"

5. plug in the http address you get from point 3 and select targeted folder

6. downloading and press “Yes" or “No" as desired

7. Finish


p.s. if you create a folder in your desktop to contain all your downloaded magazines and drag that folder to the “Virtual File System" in point 3 instead of a file, you will be able to see all files in iSilo.

1. for example, create a folder called “iSilo" in your desktop and download all files to it in the future
2. drag the “iSilo" folder to

“Virtual File System" of the http server

3. copy the above http address to your iSilo and bookmark it. You can then see all latest files in the future as you open “Download" from iSilo

4. if you set turning on the server as you start Windows (and auto-minimize), it will make the process even more perfect

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