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iPad Full upgrade path from 3.22 to 4.2 beta 3 without UUID
十月 26, 2010, 3:29 下午
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Full path upgrade path  for 3.22 to 4.2 beta3 without UUID

* You shall use the upgrade buttom to upgrade the 4.2 beta version

Recover step

Step  4.2 > 3.22


For windows users:

# Open Notepad with administrator privileges and then right click on the icon of notepad and click on “Open as administrator”
# Now that Notepad is open Go to folder C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc and open the file
# Add the following line at the end of the document and save it: gs.apple.com

Originally Posted: http://thetechjournal.com/electronics/steps-to-downgrade-ipad-4-2-to-3-2-2-or-3-2-1-ios-firmware.xhtml#ixzz13TnLxkwJ

3.22 > 4.2 beta 3




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from tgbus

iphone 3GS(with old bootrom) with the custom ipsw of iOS 4.0
七月 3, 2010, 4:02 上午
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iphone4 pineapple Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0s custom IPSWYou can now easily jailbreak your iphone 3GS(with old bootrom) with the custom ipsw of  iOS 4.0 by following these steps.


Step 1 : Install iTunes 9.2
Step 2 : Download the Custom ipsw for iPhone 3GS from filefactory.com
Step 3 : Put your iPhone Into DFU(Device Firmware Update) Mode.
Step 4 : Once in DFU mode, iTunes will pop a message that it has detected iphone and will ask you to restore.
Step 5 : Click on restore button by holding the shift key and locate the file that you downloaded in step 2.
Step 6 :Once iTunes restores the iphone you can see springboard and cydia icon.
Step 7 :Launch cydia, update it and add ‘repo666.ultrasn0w.com‘ on cydia. (Please notes that its zero and not ‘0′ in snow)
Step 8 :Reboot your iPhone after you have Installed ultrasn0w.

That’s it!

Copytrans – copy tools for iPhone
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Transfer iPod to iTunes & Computer

Rebuild iTunes Library from iPod

Unfortunately CopyTrans Suite does not run on Macs.
You may consider our partner Xtremsoft’s products.

backup iPod music


Rebuild, repopulate iTunes library from iPod

  • Transfer all data from iPod to PC, songs, playlists, ratings, play counts, last played, etc.
  • Supports videos, movies & TV shows
  • Import audiobooks & podcasts (incl. subscriptions) to iTunes in the correct order & categories
  • Transfer album artwork cover from all models of iPods, incl. iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Backup iPod music & recover to PC with all personal settings
  • One click iPod import to iTunes. Copy, restore, recover and move from iPod to computer
  • Update iTunes with recent iPod changes (incremental backup)

ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer

Windows Version


  • Transfer, copy, backup and recover music/video/photo files amongst iPod, computer, and iTunes
  • Manage your iPod/iPhone as a portable hard disk
  • All generations and versions of iPod are supported including iPod, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod Mini
  • Compatible with all iPhone models including iPhone and iPhone 3G/3GS
  • Newly supports iPhone/iPod touch Firmware 3.1.3 and iTune 9.1

Key Features

  • Supports all generations and versions of iPod, iPhone and any version of iTunes.
  • Use iPhone as a portable hard disk to import/export files and contents to/from computer.
  • Manage iPod on any computer with ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer installed on iPod.
  • Search and filter through files easily.
  • Displays device properties such as model, capacity, version, serial number and the like.
  • View files either as thumbnails (for album artworks) or as a list (for easy organizing).
  • Select from French, German, Japanese, Chinese or English language interface.

如果用iTune,你可以試下用CopyTrans Control Center或者用ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer又或者iPhone 91助手

iPhone Dev Team警告拔线法易伤基带难复原
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iPhone Dev Team再次警告大家,使用拔线升级3.1.3固件而不升级基带的办法一旦损伤到基带(Baseband),可能再也无法恢复,同时,iPhone Dev Team还为iPhone有锁版用户带来一个更为安全的办法:

一些使用blackra1n越狱iPhone 3GS 3.1.2固件的用户直接使用Spirit再 次越狱,而没有在使用Spirit之前先删除blackra1n,尽管iPhone Dev Team曾经这样提示过,但是效果并不明显,很多用户显然更迫切的进行了越狱操作,这些用户目前要么是处于无限恢复模式,要么卡在恢复固件的画面。如果同 时他们没有备份SHSH,悲剧就酿成了,因为升级3.1.3官方固件的时候,基带也随之升级,Spirit仅是一个越狱工具,不能解锁。

iPhone Dev Team提示:如果您现在已经升级到3.1.3的官方固件,并且您手中的iPhone 3GS或iPod Touch 3G没有备份过SHSH,那么请您等待iPhone最新基带05.12.01的解锁



1.iPhone 3GS
2.没有备份过3.1.2 SHSH(Cydia或本地)
4.有一张可以通过iTunes激活iPhone 3GS的SIM卡(非常重要,如果没有话,则无法使用Spirit越狱,同时请注意,只要用此卡激活后即可用Spirit越狱,不过一直使用此卡)
5.目前正卡在无限重启模式或恢复模式无法正常退出,再次提醒,如果是卡在紧急电话模式,可以直接使用可以通过iTunes激活iPhone 3GS的SIM卡来激活,或者直接使用黑雨来进行一次不完美越狱。

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